Steve Gatlin
Steve, by age is the middle Gatlin brother. Born in 1951, Steve recalls how he and his brothers sang together in church and "anywhere and anytime somebody would listen to us."

After graduating from highschool in 1969, Steve attended Texas Tech in Lubbock, where he graduated in 1973 with an elementary education degree. He taught in the Lubbock Independent School system and married his wife who was also a teacher.

Tammy Wynette made an appearance with younger brother Rudy and sister LaDonna in Lubbock and asked Steve to sing with them. Not long after that, Steve was packing and moving to Nashville to work for Tammy. Once he was there, the Gatlins immediately began laying plans to get back on stage together.

Steve's wife, Cynthia, who was also a teacher, moved to Nashville in 1975 to work for Tammy Wynette, this allowed him to pursue his real dreams.  Shortly after moving the Brothers recorded their grammy winning hit "Broken Lady," even though they were not touring together, that soon changed, opportunity knocked allowing them to join forces recording hit after hit. Steve soon took on many daily responsibilities for the Brothers, coordinating tours, recording schedules, interview request as well as singing and playing bass. He has also produced 3 Christmas CD's for the Brothers, the latest release in 2002.

On his own he has done 3 major production shows, recorded 2 CD's, one big band swing, one Gospel, and a children's CD soon to be released. He also speaks at churches and various events sharing his life experience's, focusing on his recovery from clinical depression. Steve is quick to say he is very blessed and believes in a loving God whose mercies can be seen "morning by morning."

Steve is "still married to the love of his life," Cynthia and resides not far from Nashville in Brentwood, TN.  They have 3 beautiful girls, Ashley who graduated from Clemson University, May of 1999 with a degree in accounting / marketing.  She lives in Nashville and is a Manager / Trainer for Cheese Cake Factory Restaurants.  Allison graduated from the University of Teneesse-Knoxville, with a degree in early childhood development and works for Centex Homes in Nashville.  Aubrie  works as a nurse in Vanderbilt's Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit and holds a  degree in nursing from the  University of Tennessee.